Onsite Labs

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Onsite Labs services offered in Cullman, AL

Health providers use lab tests to screen for and diagnose health conditions and monitor response to treatment. Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic in Cullman, Alabama, has on-site labs so you can get these tests without going to another facility, and the team gets the results right away. To find out more about on-site labs at the adult primary care practice, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Onsite Labs Q & A

What are on-site labs?

On-site labs refer to the diagnostic testing the team at Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic provides at the clinic. Having labs on-site makes it easier for you to get the tests you need without the inconvenience of going to another clinic or facility.

Access to on-site labs also means your provider gets the results quickly so you can get the answers or care you need with little delay.

What types of on-site labs are available?

On-site labs at Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic include bloodwork, X-rays, and ultrasounds.


Bloodwork includes blood tests that assess health, evaluate organ function, and screen for diseases. 

Types of bloodwork may include a complete blood count (CBC) to check for anemia, basic metabolic panel (BMP) to screen for diabetes and kidney disease, or lipid panel to check blood cholesterol levels. 


X-rays are imaging tests that create black-and-white images of the inside parts of your body. Bones appear white, organs gray, and air (in your lungs) black. Your provider may request X-rays to confirm or rule out a broken bone or look for signs of pneumonia. 


Ultrasound is an imaging test that uses high-frequency soundwaves to create moving images of your internal organs, including your heart, gallbladder, kidneys, and thyroid. 

Your provider at Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic uses ultrasound testing to evaluate your organs and look for signs of disease. The team specializes in women’s health and may also recommend an ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy or evaluate your reproductive organs.

When do I need on-site labs?

Your provider at Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic determines when you need on-site labs. They may request you get bloodwork done before your annual physical exam to screen for health issues. 

You may also need on-site labs when you come in for a same-day visit so your provider can make an accurate diagnosis right away. The team may also recommend on-site labs for chronic disease management so they can monitor the effectiveness of your treatment plan. 

With on-site labs, Warehouse Primary Care & Specialty Clinic makes it easy and convenient for you to stay on top of your health. Call or schedule an appointment online today.